Upcoming Talks:

  • 04/07/2023 IACAP 2023 (Prague)

The Open Texture of Algorithm in Legal Language (with Davide Baldini).


  • 27/07/2023 CLMPST 2023 (Buenos Aires)

Sound and Feasible Inferences: A Bounded Rationality Perspective on the Normativity of Logic (with Alessandra Marra).


  • 27/07/2023 CLMPST 2023 (Buenos Aires)

The Normative Dimension of Logical Modeling (with Matias Osta-Velez).


  • 05/09/2023 SILFS 2023 (Urbino)

Methodological Incommensurability: A Meta-Inductive Bayesian perspective (with Peter Brössel)

  • 22/09/2023 EPSA23 (Belgrade)

Epistemic Niches and Kuhnian Runaways: How values drive the divergence of scientific communities (with Michele Luchetti)









∗= invited talk.